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Global Premier Development is a developer of Affordable Housing units throughout the State of California.  Together with their Joint Venture Partners they responsible for the development of over 4,000 units, $200 million in Tax Credit Allocations and a portfolio valued at over $500,000,000.  Global Premier is dedicated to increasing the Affordable Housing stock to the residents in the State of California, especially in Orange County where they are working closely with the County to help them implement the Ten-Year Plan to End Homelessness.





The Pacific Companies are helping address the lack of affordable housing for our nation’s workforce and the growing senior population that continues to pose an economic and social threat to the success of nearly every community in America.  It was with this problem at heart that The Pacific Companieswere formed – to become part of a solution that would enable financially struggling families and senior citizens to discover a better way of life.



SCANPH is a membership organization that supports the production, preservation and management of homes affordable to lower-income households. While we work in broad coalition with other nonprofit, public and private partners, we believe that nonprofit community development corporations do the best job of advancing our mission. We increase the capacity and expertise of our members, educate policymakers and the public about the need for affordable homes, and help to establish policies and programs that further these objectives.




The Kennedy Commission is a collaborative of community members that advocates for the production of homes for Orange County families earning less than $20,000 annually. We strive to develop solutions to housing needs, affirm the dignity of families with low and extremely low-incomes and to unite communities across Orange County to support the development of homes that are affordable to all residents.




OC Partnership works directly with over 300 agencies by serving as a liaison between non-profits, local, state and federal government agencies and other private and public funding sources. Additionally, OC Partnership provides technical assistance in relation to strategic planning, resource development and distribution, capacity building, fund development assistance, community partnering and collaboration building, training, effective advocacy and leadership development.

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