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The Pate Foundation Mission and Vision


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Our Mission is to advocate for and develop affordable housing communities, increase the access to four year educational institutions for the lower income communities we serve, effectively enhancing the quality of life for all.



The long term vision of the foundation is to eradicated homelessness in Orange County in its entirety.  We are working with the county and other organizations to help implement key provisions of the Ten-Year Plan to end chronic homelessness.  To achieve this end, we believe collaboration amongst developers, non-profits and community service providers is paramount to the success of this plan.  To that end, we forge strategic relationships to help us advance our goals in areas where others organizations may possess greater strength.  We realize working alone, we are not capable of everything, but together we are capable of anything. 





TPF and its management personnel are active members of affordable housing associations. Those associations include:


  • Kennedy Commission
  • Southern California Association of Non-Profit Housing


Outside Professionals:


TPF also involves outside professionals that assist our organization by providing specific expertise and experience in affordable housing. Some of our professional partners include:


  • Reznick Group: Accounting
  • Johnson & Associates, LLP: Legal Representation
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