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Plumas Family Apartments

Site Address:


1247 Live Oak Blvd.

Yuba City, CA 95991


Project Description:


The Pate Foundation and Pacific West Communities partnered to create an 15-unit family apartment community in Yuba City, California. Plumas Family Apartments will finish construction in December 2013 and will provide high-quality affordable apartment community that serves families in Sutter County. Yuba City has developed through the years as a pleasant, residential community, which is the trading, and service center for the surrounding agricultural area. Residents enjoy many natural and physical assets including attractive climate, level terrain, good highway and rail transportation, adequate water, soil and open land for future growth. In addition, the area offers and abundance of recreational, hunting and fishing areas.


General Partner(s) or Principal Owner(s):


  • Pacific West Communities
  • The Pate Foundation


Plumas Site Plan







Social Service Provider



Property Management:


  • Buckingham Property Management


Unit Mix:


  • 8 Two-Bedroom Units
  • 7 Three-Bedroom Units




  • 1 Two-Bedroom Unit and 1 Three-Bedroom Unit at 30% Area Median Income (AMI)
  • 1 Two-Bedroom Unit and 1 Three-Bedroom Unit at 40% AMI
  • 1 Two-Bedroom Unit and 1 Three-Bedroom Unit at 45% AMI
  • 5 Two-Bedroom Units and 1 Three-Bedroom Unit at 50% AMI
  • 3 Three-Bedroom Units at 60% AMI
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