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$20     Donation =   50 Meals                                                         donatenowlogo1

$50     Donation = 125 Meals                                                         donatenowlogo1

$100   Donation = Healthcare for Residents                                     donatenowlogo1

$500   Donation = Legislative Efforts                                               donatenowlogo1

$1000 Donation = Affordable Housing Development                               donatenowlogo1





[FACT VS. MYTH]           


FACT:     It cost less to place a person in permanent affordable housing than to keep them in the                   streets.

MYTH:    If I don't give them money it doesn't cost me anything.  Wrong.  The government makes                  you pay for it in your taxes.  Permanent affordable housing solutions lead to less of a tax burden.   

FACT:    Los Angeles is the "homeless capital" of the United States.  Approximately 100,000.         

MYTH:    We do not have homeless in our neighborhood.  Yes, you do, they are not all bridge people.                          Homeless kids go to school with your kids.

FACT:    It is $20,064 cheaper a year on, us, the taxpayer to help build permanent affordable                        housing.

MYTH:    Your taxes already pay for permanent Affordable Housing for the homeless.                                            These programs are currently underutilized so you pay their health, hospital and incarceration bills too.

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The Pate Foundation

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