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Second Harvest Food Bank and the Incredible Edible Park


The Second Harvest Food Bank is a non-profit organization in Orange County that is dedicated to alleviating hunger and creating programs that increase awareness about the hunger problem in the area. Second Harvest has just begun their spring campaign to provide healthy and fresh options to working families in the OC.


Instead of only collecting food donations of non-perishable and canned goods, Second Harvest is campaigning to plant a seed in the Incredible Edible Park each time an individual sends an e-card to tell a friend about the organization. The act of sending 5 e-cards can supply one family's produce for a week.


The Incredible Edible Park is the first and perhaps only edible park in California. The community garden originally created in Irvine, was transformed from 7.5 acres of weed-filled land and helps the Second Harvest Food Bank provide for more than 450,000 Orange County residents. Second Harvest also has a field in Santa Ana, and has access to numerous other fields and orchards in Orange County. The Incredible Edible Park and Second Harvest's spring campaign are examples of creative problem solving as they provide an ongoing supply of produce and donations to the food bank while increasing awareness about their work.


To help join the cause, send e-cards at the Second Harvest Food Bank's website.


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