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About The Pate Foundation


The Pate Foundation seeks to bridge the equality gap in America.  We operate under the maxim that all of us deserve a chance at opportunity. It is our goal to create that opportunity. We partner with developers to build low income housing communities under IRS Code Section 42.  In these communities we offer opportunity and a chance at the American Dream.  


In addition to affordable housing, we provide all of the necessary resources to get ahead in our communities.  A roof is only a start. Job training, job placement, meals, computer training, free internet access, child care, scholarships to 4 year universities are just some of the resources we provide access to.  Our mission is simple, give to others the same that was given to us.


Outside Professionals:
It takes many professionals with experience in affordable housing. Some of our professional partners are:


  • Accounting:
    • Reznick Group

  • Legal Representation:
    • Law Offices of Patrick R. Sablehaus

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